Fellows: Early Career Candidates and the Wharton EMBA

You are never too old or too young to pursue your MBA. Whether you are 27 or 47, it is up to you to decide when the time is right for you. With that in mind, the Wharton EMBA program introduced the “Fellows” status to welcome early career candidates with fewer than the average 8 years of professional experience. High energy, fast-track career performance and recent academic accomplishments are qualities that compensate for briefer professional tenure and enable these candidates to contribute.

The application process differs just slightly for Fellows applicants.  Full sponsorship is a requirement, and it demonstrates corporate commitment for career development to the employee and signals “high managerial potential” to the Admissions Committee. Interviews are also required for all Fellows applicants, so remember to contact our office soon to schedule an appointment.

Our role in admissions is to create the strongest and most diverse class, regardless of age.  Fellows candidates, comprising 27% of the current EMBA East first-year class, are as diverse as the overall applicant pool and include men and women from all professions and from around the globe. Throughout the application process, we count on you to share your record of enthusiastic leadership, contribution to teams and proven ability to manage time, people, budgets or projects.

See Sponsorship Requirements for full details.