Happy Mother’s Day to All Our Wharton EMBA Mothers

Balancing work and school is not easy for anyone, but when you add in parenting responsibilities, it can become even more challenging. In honor of Mother’s Day, we take a moment to celebrate all the moms in Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives — both current students and alumnae.

We looked back at some of our recent interviews with Wharton moms and selected some notable excerpts. In the full stories below, read more about how each has taken on this challenge and are better because of it.

“A lot of working moms may think they can’t do this program because it will just be too much to balance. But the time management skills you already have as a working mom put you way ahead of the pack.”

Dr. Jennifer Meller, WG’16
CEO of Navimize, LLC, Practicing physician
New York City, NY

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“Going back to school as a single parent was a significant concern.The entire family was embarking on this new journey… But this was an important cause and I wanted my children to see me work towards my goals.”

Maggie John, WG’18
Senior Process Engineer at U.S. Oil and Refining
Seattle, WA

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“If you’re a new parent or thinking about expanding your family during your time at Wharton, I’d say go for it. Everyone at Wharton has some type of personal challenge he or she had to overcome to participate in the program.”

Erin Talbot, WG’17
Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Data Management at E*TRADE
Washington, D.C. area

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“If you’re a parent considering this program, remember that you are already an expert at balancing work and home. You know how to prioritize. Once school is added onto your plate, you figure it out.”

Holly O’Dell, WG’18
Vice President of Legal & Strategic Services, SAIF Corp.
Salem, OR

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Sarah Feinberg“We were willing to go abroad and fight for American values, but now that we are home, we want to continue protecting those values.”

Sarah Feinberg, WG’15 on her family’s work with refugees
Finance Manager, The Washington Post
Veteran of U.S. Marine Corps, Active volunteer with refugees
Washington, D.C.

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“The executive leadership training at Wharton helped me understand the importance of balancing all the pillars in my life… Since graduating, I’ve become a better leader, mother, and world contributor.”

Jessica Ross, WG’15
Vice President and Corporate Controller at The Gymboree Corporation, San Francisco, CA

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