What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

The Wharton MBA Exec Admissions Team would like to share a few reminders as you spend this weekend finalizing your application before the February 1st deadline:

  You have until 11:59pm Tues., February 1, 2011 (midnight of your time zone) to submit your online application.  But don’t panic – the system will accept applications after midnight.  We encourage you to let us know if you run into issues that prevent you from meeting this deadline.

  If you still need to take – or retake – the GMAT, we’ll accept GMAT scores until the first week of March.  A copy of your preliminary GMAT score may be scanned and emailed or faxed to the East or West Coast office, but you also must have an official copy sent directly to Wharton.  The GMAT codes for Wharton's Executive MBA program are Philadelphia: G56-97-36 and San Francisco: G56-97-14.

  Have you scheduled your interview?

  – Transcripts, sponsorship letters, and other credentials are arriving in droves at the Philadelphia and San Francisco MBA Exec offices.  We ask for your patience as we sort through them and match them up with each application.

Please note:  It is only after your application is submitted that the processing can begin.  Please give us 2-3 weeks after you submit before calling the office to see if we’ve received your credentials.  This allows us to keep the momentum going without stopping to answer individual calls.  Check your online status where you can confirm when your application is complete.

Rest assured that we will not let your application sit incomplete!  We will reach out to you if something is missing. 

Once applications are complete, they go to the Admissions Committee where they will be evaluated by Committee members from both the West and East Coast programs.  You don’t need to update us during this time unless something significant happens that may affect our evaluation such as a promotion or a new GMAT score.

San Francisco program admissions decisions will be released no later than March 25 and Philadelphia decisions will be released by April 8.