Wharton EMBA Alumna Campaigns for Public Office in Phoenix

After graduating last May from Wharton | San Francisco’s EMBA program, Kate Gallego was focused on her role as a senior project manager at the Salt River Project in Phoenix, AZ. However, in December, she also began campaigning for a seat on Phoenix’s City Council. We asked her to tell us about how her Wharton education will be helpful if she wins the election. Here’s what she said:

“Being on the City Council would allow me to work on areas such as public safety, land use planning and basic city infrastructure, such as water and transportation. I also want to bring more jobs to our district, which has been hit hard by the Recession. We have a strong workforce with a lot of open space, especially near our airport, where businesses could really grow.

“I’m vice chair of Phoenix’s 10-year Plan, so I’ve had an opportunity to attend community meetings and hear what people want to see for our city. I was inspired that so many people share my passions for Phoenix, and I also saw that – because of my Wharton education — I have the expertise and knowledge needed to run for office. There are currently no MBAs on the Council.

“In addition, I want to support our entrepreneurs in Phoenix. I majored in Entrepreneurial Management at Wharton, which helps me understand how young companies grow and how I can support that growth. I’ll also be able to use my real estate and finance education to make sure great projects can thrive in Phoenix.

“It was beneficial to go to school in San Francisco, which is so close to Silicon Valley and venture-backed startups. I’m excited to see if I can try to bring more of that to Phoenix.

“I’ll also be able to rely on my Wharton connections, which run broad and deep. It will be helpful to have so many resources available in so many different industries. And, of course, I’ve told all of my classmates that they should relocate their businesses to Phoenix!”

Kate says the election primary will be held in August of 2013 with the general election in November.