Long-Time Wharton EMBA Professor Discusses the “Forward-Looking CFO”

Wharton Prof. John Percival

Wharton executive MBA students have benefited from Prof. John R. Percival’s wealth of finance knowledge for more than 35 years. The recipient of numerous teaching awards, he most recently received Wharton’s EMBA Core Teaching Award for Financial Analysis. In addition to teaching executive MBA students, he also has served asRead More

Wharton’s East-Coast EMBA Class Gets Pumped Up in Argentina

The East-Coast class visited a CrossFit gym during their international seminar trip to Argentina.

Jennifer Navarro, a second-year student in Wharton’s executive MBA program in Philadelphia, is director of government relations for a Virginia-based aerospace and defense company. For our international seminar trip, we had several choices: Argentina, Hong Kong, Singapore and India. While all of them sounded interesting, my class ultimately selected Argentina.Read More

Students Leave Unique Parting Gift in Rwanda

Wharton EMBA student Kristal Dehnad

Wharton San Francisco EMBA student Kristal Dehnad, director of the Charitable Trust Program at Stanford University, coauthored a blog for the Wharton Magazine about her experience in the Global Modular Course “Conflict, Leadership and Change: Lessons from Rwanda.” At the end of that course, Dehnad and her classmates left aRead More

Learning Transformational Leadership in Rwanda with Executive MBA Professor

Global Modular Course in Rwanda Wharton Executive MBA Professor Katherine Klein, vice dean of the Wharton Social Impact Initiative, designed the global modular course, “Conflict, Leadership and Change: Lessons from Rwanda,” as a case study for students to learn about both failed and transformational leadership. She recently returned from Rwanda where she and Eric Kacou, aRead More

Congratulations to Wharton’s 2012 EMBA Graduates!

It’s an exciting and important achievement to graduate from Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives in San Francisco and Philadelphia and join Wharton’s 88,000-member alumni network. During their two years at Wharton, students juggle demanding jobs and a rigorous curriculum as well as family and community responsibilities. They commute from nearRead More

Wharton EMBA Alumnus Talks about Value of the GMAT

When Mark Espinola had his admissions interview for Wharton’s San Francisco MBA Program for Executives, a memorable moment was when he tried to negotiate his way out of taking the GMAT. But after taking the test and graduating in 2007, Espinola, who is now the CEO of Ballard & TigheRead More

Global Modular Courses Popular Among Wharton MBA Exec Students

Since the first global modular course was piloted in January of 2010, Wharton’s week-long mini-courses offered during winter and spring break have been extremely popular among Executive MBA students. “We’re continuing to enrich our portfolio of these courses which provide a unique way for students to learn about business challengesRead More

Wharton’s EMBA Program Helps Doctor Launch New Venture

Wharton | San Francisco EMBA Alumnus Howard Wilson, WG'12

A practicing physician in Seattle, Howard Willson wears many hats. He’s the president of Seattle Emergency Physicians, a physician group at a large hospital system in the Pacific Northwest, and cofounder of 1st Health Systems, a healthcare software company. He’s also a second-year student in Wharton’s Executive MBA program inRead More