Prof. Cappelli Discusses Career Trends and Value of MBA

When Prof. Peter Cappelli says that times have changed in terms of careers, he isn’t exaggerating. At a recent online live webcast from Wharton | San Francisco, Prof. Cappelli spoke to prospective applicants about why it’s more important than ever to take charge of your own career. While it wasRead More

Wharton EMBA Student Wins NSF Award for New Venture: Graphene Frontiers

Student venture Graphene Frontiers demonstrates product

Congratulations to East Coast second-year Executive MBA student Mike Patterson for winning a National Science Foundation Innovation Corps Award! Patterson and his teammates from the University of Pennsylvania were selected for their venture, Graphene Frontiers.  We asked Patterson to tell us about what it means to have won this awardRead More

Wharton Accounting Professor Reflects on Teaching EMBA Students

Wharton Accounting Professor Christopher Ittner isn’t trying to teach all of his students to be accountants. In fact, the focus of his Managerial Accounting class – a core course in Wharton’s EMBA program – – is on the decisions that managers make using financial data as opposed to the dataRead More

Wharton EMBA Students Reflect on Class Trips to Brazil

Each year, second-year students in Wharton’s EMBA program vote on a location for their International Seminar trip. With options including India, China, Turkey and Brazil, it was a tough decision, but in the end both the East and West Coast classes voted on Brazil.            Read More

At the Head of the Classrooms of the Future

We’re all excited about Wharton | San Francisco’s move in January to the Hills Plaza Building on the San Francisco Embarcadero. Not only will it provide us more space, but the facility will also feature “a 21st century learning environment.” To learn more about the technology going into the newRead More

Wharton | San Francisco Student Reflects on China Trek

Wharton | San Francisco students in China

Each year, second-year Wharton EMBA students spend a week abroad examining how businesses develop and implement strategy in a competitive global context. While that trip is the culmination of their International Seminar, it’s not uncommon for students to organize additional treks to gain further insight into the economic, political, socialRead More

Wharton MBA Alumnus Reflects on Value of Independent Studies

Wharton EMBA Alumnus Jim Smith, WG'07

When Jim Smith entered Wharton’s executive MBA program in 2005, he also launched the Digital Network Group, an IT and management consulting firm with a mission to create economic and social value for local communities. Wanting to work with professors on his particular interests outside of the core classes, heRead More

Wharton EMBA Alumnus Audits Classes to Broaden Skillset

Divi Gupta graduated from Wharton’s executive MBA program in 2010, but he’s been a frequent visitor on the Philadelphia campus over the last few months. Taking advantage of the lifelong benefit that allows alumni to audit Wharton EMBA classes for free, Gupta explains that he’s been returning every other weekendRead More