Wharton EMBA Alumnus Featured on Shark Tank

Zander Adell

Zander Adell, WG’12, came to Wharton San Francisco’s EMBA program to help him transition from artist to entrepreneur. Now, he’s the founder and CEO of Doorman, which was recently featured on the ABC show Shark Tank. We asked Zander to tell us about how his Wharton education is helping himRead More

Wharton EMBA Program is “Transformational Experience”

Jessica Ross Jessica Ross, WG'15 Jessica Ross, managing director of cost transformation at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals in Oakland, CA, came to Wharton San Francisco focused on how an MBA would strategically help her move up the corporate ladder. However, she found her experience at Wharton San Francisco to beRead More

Alumna Marla Bleavins Shares Perspective on Diversity

Marla Bleavins, WG'12

On Jan. 15, we’ll be hosting a special Diversity Night in Los Angeles where a panel of students and alumni will speak candidly about their experiences at Wharton. We asked alumna Marla Bleavins, WG’12, assistant general manager of the Convention and Tourism Development Department for the City of Los Angeles,Read More

Student Rel Lavizzo-Mourey on Launching a Startup in School

Rel Lavizzo

Wharton San Francisco second-year EMBA student Rel Lavizzo-Mourey recently launched her luxury outerwear company called Silver Lining on Kickstarter. More than half-way to her fundraising goal, we asked Rel to tell us more about her “double bottom line” venture and how her Wharton experience is helping her build her business.Read More

Wharton San Francisco EMBA Student Shares Sponsorship Tips

Timothy van den Broek

Asking your organization for financial sponsorship to attend Wharton’s EMBA program isn’t always easy. After all, you’re not only seeking to have every other Friday off, but also a significant amount of resources. We asked Timothy van den Broek, a financially sponsored first-year Wharton San Francisco EMBA student, to tellRead More

A Day in the Life of a Wharton San Francisco EMBA Student

From the minute students arrive on campus in San Francisco or Philadelphia, their Wharton weekend is jam packed with classes and activities. Each weekend varies, but here is what a recent Wharton San Francisco weekend for first-year EMBA students looked like: Welcome Back: Friday, 8:00am While many students arrive onRead More

EMBA Admissions Interview Questions & Answers

Bernie Birt

Many West Coast students know Bernie Birt as the executive director of the MBA Program for Executives in San Francisco. This isn’t surprising, as she interviewed many of them during the admissions process. However, in addition to being an admissions committee member, she’s also the COO of Wharton San Francisco.Read More

Meet Career Management Director Steve Hernandez

Whether they’re looking to move up within their company, make a change, or start a company, Steve Hernandez, director of career management for the EMBA program at Wharton San Francisco, takes a “holistic” approach to helping students. Q. What does your role involve as director of career management at Wharton SanRead More

Executive MBA Applicant Journey: Matt Boehm

Matt Boehm, an active duty Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, was on his way to attending another business school to earn his MBA when he took the recommendation to visit Wharton’s San Francisco campus. We talked to Matt about what changed his mind. Hear more about his executive MBA applicantRead More

Application Journey: San Francisco EMBA Student Erin Roddy

Wharton San Francisco EMBA student Erin Roddy First-year San Francisco EMBA student Erin Roddy, Vice President and Controller at Dalton Investments LLC, shares some details of her experience in applying to the MBA Program for Executives.  My application journey broke down into two parts: determining the value of an MBA and the application process. Part 1: DeterminingRead More

Wharton San Francisco EMBA Students Bond During Orientation Week

The first week of Wharton’s EMBA program is always an exciting time for students. In addition to orientation and classes, they also participate in teambuilding activities to get to know each other. Having recently attended her first week at Wharton | San Francisco, we asked Ammi Tan, a project managerRead More

Meet the Wharton EMBA Staff: Quyen Tran

f you’ve contacted the Wharton | San Francisco EMBA office with an application question, it’s likely you’ve spoken with Quyen Tran. As the admissions coordinator, she’s often the first point of contact for prospective students. Q. What tips do you give applicants for admissions interviews? I recommend that they doRead More

Meet the Class Manager: Amy Weinstein Hazen

Wharton | San Francisco class manager Amy Weinstein Hazen

Wharton’s MBA for Executives Program is supported by four class managers. Amy Weinstein Hazen is one of our managers based in San Francisco. How long have you been a class manager? I joined the Wharton EMBA staff more than six years ago. Previously, I was working in the newspaper industryRead More