Veteran Brings Unique Experiences to Wharton’s EMBA Program

When Josh Brackett came to Wharton’s EMBA program in Philadelphia, he brought many experiences to the table. Those included nonprofit work in Africa, deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan with the U.S. Army, risk management jobs in the private sector, and a strategy role at CBS. We asked Josh to tell usRead More

Philadelphia Student Expands Network with Electives in San Francisco

Salima Remtulla

When Salima Remtulla, COO of Global Private Investing at D. E. Shaw & Company, L.P., came to Wharton’s executive MBA program in Philadelphia, her goals were to expand her network and explore synergies between her trifecta of passions in finance, hospitality, and end-of-life care. By taking electives in San Francisco,Read More

Commuting to Wharton’s EMBA Program from Moscow

Ays Sharaev

Wharton executive MBA students travel from near and far to the Philadelphia and San Francisco campuses. However, Philadelphia student Ays Sharaev’s commute is a bit longer than usual. The managing partner at Waarde Capital travels every other weekend from Moscow. He recently talked to the Wharton Magazine about his WhartonRead More

Global Consulting Practicum in Brazil Expands Global Perspective

Todd Sierer and GCP team members in Brazil

Wharton’s Global Consulting Practicum (GCP) is a popular way for EMBA students to expand their global perspective. Working with MBA students in another country, they apply classroom knowledge, make broader connections, and learn about business issues in a new region. First-year EMBA student Todd Sierer, director of Americas sales forRead More

New Perspectives Gained on Global Modular Course in Dubai

Jeni Incontro

Global Modular Courses (GMC) are extremely popular among Wharton EMBA students not only for their deep dives into global business issues, but also for the ability to get to know students in other Wharton programs. Wharton San Francisco first-year student Jeni Incontro, solutions manager at Vitech Systems Group in LosRead More

Wharton Alumni Magazine Features EMBA Program’s 40th Anniversary

Wharton’s MBA for Executives Program has experienced quite a few turning points since it was launched in 1975. While many aspects that made the program unique then have stayed the same, the program has evolved in significant ways to always meet the changing demands and expectations of students. One bigRead More

Wharton EMBA Student Shares a Story of Reinvention

Mariam Umar

Mariam Umar, director of business operations and strategic planning at Synaptics in San Jose, came to Wharton to reinvent herself. She wanted to bridge the skills gap between her current position and corporate stewardship, and her goal was to develop her own framework for solving strategic problems of leading-edge technologyRead More

Wharton EMBA Program is “Transformational Experience”

Jessica Ross Jessica Ross, WG'15 Jessica Ross, managing director of cost transformation at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals in Oakland, CA, came to Wharton San Francisco focused on how an MBA would strategically help her move up the corporate ladder. However, she found her experience at Wharton San Francisco to beRead More

Vice Dean Lane on Women in Wharton’s EMBA Program

Deciding to apply to Wharton’s executive MBA program is a big decision for everyone, but there are often some special considerations for female applicants. How will she juggle work, kids and school? Does being a student mean putting off having kids? Will there be many other women in the program?Read More

Monisha Sharma on Reasons to Come to Wharton’s EMBA Program

Wharton Executive MBA Student Monisha Sharma, WG'15

Monisha Sharma came to Wharton to learn how to lead businesses into change. As a senior manager of mutual funds strategy at the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto, we asked Monisha to tell us more about her career goals and experiences in Wharton’s executive MBA program. Here’s what sheRead More

Wharton Prof. Witold Henisz on Corporate Diplomacy

Prof. Witold Henisz

With research focused on political hazards in international investment strategy and corporate diplomacy, extensive experience consulting for organizations such as AngloGold Ashanti and the International Finance Corporation, and a new book, Wharton Prof. Witold Henisz is a world-renowned expert in his field and esteemed teacher in the EMBA program. WeRead More

Monique Rollins on Life as a Wharton EMBA Student

Monique Rollins, WG'15

After graduating from college, Monique Rollins spent 10 years working in the field of investment banking, helping corporations think about capital structure and strategies for raising capital. When the financial crisis hit, she says it was a defining moment in her career. She began thinking about ways to make aRead More

Alumnus Ivan Corneillet on Electives and Auditing Classes

Ivan Corneillet, WG'14

Alumnus Ivan Corneillet, WG’14, an entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, has taken about every type of elective offered in Wharton’s MBA for executives program. With a goal to diversify his business education, he took traditional electives as well as Global Modular Courses and participated in the Global Consulting Practicum. As anRead More