Application Preparation

Are you just
starting to prepare your application? At
first it may seem like a simple process but the application process can
actually lead to a surprising level of self analysis. In any case, it takes effective time
management and organization. So,
although we have ONE Admissions Deadline on February 1st, the earlier you start
the process, the better off you will be. Once you create an online application account, go ahead and request your
Transcripts (to be sent directly
from your prior academic institutions to our office), confer with your Recommenders, consult with your
employer about Sponsorship and clarify
your goals for the essays.

GMAT — all applicants are required to
take the GMAT, there are no waivers under any circumstances. Many core curriculum courses for the MBA Exec
program are quantitative in nature and rigorous. We look for a quant score above the 75th
percentile and the average score for admitted students has averaged about 700 for
several years.  GMAT scores are only one
of the credentials used during the evaluation process but they do provide a
good indication of the necessary quantitative foundation. GMAT
scores are accepted until March 1st.

Interviews — The interview is
evaluative and part of a completed application. All applicants are strongly encouraged to schedule a personal interview with
a member of the Admissions Committee at your earliest convenience – before you have even submitted your application!  The schedule gets very busy the closer we get
to the deadline, so call the office soon.
215-898-5887 (Phila) or 1-866-WHARTON (SF)

The first step is to email the office to which you applied last year and
request the reap procedures.  Paper
credentials are held on file for ONE year.  You must create a new online application
account, submit one new recommendation and a new sponsorship letter on letterhead. You will be asked to write an abbreviated “reapplicant
essay” covering what has happened since you last applied. Please submit any new GMAT scores and