Behind the Scenes: It’s Application Review Time at Wharton’s EMBA Offices

If there seems to be radio silence from the EMBA offices at Wharton, don’t be alarmed. We are busy processing every application to ensure that everyone has submitted all of the required documents.

How will you know if you are missing something in your application package? We’ll contact you directly by email or phone, but you also can logon to your application to check whether your application is complete or not. If it is incomplete, the site will indicate which documents are missing.

The sorting and filing of credentials is a manual process handled by a very capable but small team, so it may take a few weeks to complete. We ask for your patience to allow us to get through the piles of transcripts, sponsorship letters and hard copy recommendations before you contact us about the status of yours.

If you are planning to take – or retake – the GMAT, note that the West Coast program will accept GMAT scores until Feb. 16, 2009. The East Coast program will accept scores until March 6, 2009. If you take the GMAT between now and the deadline, make sure to give us a head’s up and then send us your unofficial scores to get the ball rolling on the review process. If you are unable to schedule the test before the above dates, please contact the office.

While interviews are required for Fellows applicants, they are strongly recommended for everyone. If you haven’t already interviewed, please contact the office immediately, as the slots are quickly filling up. West Coast applicants have until the end of February to complete interviews and East Coast applicants have until March 14.

Once the applications are complete, they go to the Admissions Committee where they will be evaluated by Committee members from both the West and East Coast programs. There is no need to update us during this time unless something significant happens, i.e. a promotion or a new GMAT score.

West Coast admissions decisions will be made by March 6. In addition to mailed letters, West Coast applicants will also be able to see the decisions online. For East Coast applicants, decisions are not posted online. They will be mailed via U.S. mail to home addresses no later than April 15.