Business Week on Long-Distance EMBA Commuters

Commuting long distance to an EMBA program is an
increasing national trend, according to a recent Business Week article featuring
EMBA commuters, one of whom is Wharton’s Charla Serbent, WG’07.

Every two weeks, Charla makes a trans-Pacific commute
from China to San Francisco. While her
commute is not the norm — most Wharton EMBA students who commute long distance
travel from relatively shorter distances — it reflects the value she places on
the EMBA program. And, according to the Executive MBA Council, more executive
students are opting to travel to the programs that will provide them with the
best educational experience and professional opportunities.

After more than 30 years, the biweekly, residential
weekend format of the Wharton EMBA program has proven to be the best schedule
for our long-distance commuters. It allows students to balance their jobs,
travel, and studies, while still allowing Wharton to deliver the full MBA curriculum.
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And, in the interest of full disclosure, we want to tell you that Charla’s commute from China is relatively new. She was based in Pittsburgh when she enrolled in the program and completed her first five semesters of the program at our Philadelphia campus. When Charla received an offer from her company to relocate to Shanghai (an offer she says was too good to pass up), we were able to meet her part of the way. Charla now continues her MBA studies at our San Francisco campus. Click here to read Charla’s student diary, written when she was still based in Pittsburgh.

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