Changes to Our Application

We're updating the MBA Exec online application for those applying to the class entering in May 2013.  You'll now have the opportunity to write about personal events and experiences that have influenced you. This new essay question (replacing question #2) will allow you to tell the Admissions Committee what makes you unique and how you will impact the learning environment at Wharton.

The recommendation form is also being revised to ask more specific questions on the leadership abilities and interpersonal skills of the candidate.  At Wharton, academic abilities alone are not enough; we are looking for well-rounded candidates who are effective leaders and work well with others.

It's ok to start an online application account but we recommend that you don't delve into it too much until the new application is live.  (We'll send out an announcement.)  And it's always good practice to save your work in a Word document.  In the meantime, please call us in Philadelphia or San Francisco if you have any questions about the new application or the admissions process, in general.