EMBA Career Management Services Launches New Web Site

If you intend to stay at your organization after graduation, why would you need access to Wharton’s EMBA Career Management Services? It turns out that there is a lot more to career services than just helping students find jobs after graduation.

For starters, advisors focus on issues at your current workplace as well as long-term career development. EMBA students also have a brand new career Web site full of resources on topics like interviewing and working in a foreign country. (Sorry, we can’t offer access to the website – it’s password protected for current students only.)

There is a section with career assessment tools like the Myers Briggs test. This is the place to go if you aren’t sure what your next step will be after graduation. The site also provides information on about 25 different industries with overview info, day-in-the-life essays, and even a laundry list of “players” in the various industries.

In addition, students who are self-sponsored or have permission from their sponsoring organization have job search services that parallel the services offered to the full-time students but are more aligned with their experience level and the EMBA schedule.

EMBA students now even have two directors dedicated to career management services. Mary Gross, a Wharton EMBA alumna, is located in Philadelphia, and John Mattson is located in San Francisco.

“We are a full service shop in that we work with students who are looking for a job as well as students who just want to show their employers how much they’ve learned and get to the next step in their current job,” says Gross, noting that they begin working with students after they begin their third term.

And once you are an alum, you’ll have access to the School’s alumni portal where there is a research and networking section as well as a job board. With more than 84,000 graduates around the world, the Wharton alumni network is one of the largest of any business school and has proven time and time again to be a really effective resource.

Every year there are examples of EMBA students going into business together, hiring each other, referring each other to colleagues, and even investing in each other’s businesses. Almost without exception, students and alumni cite the value of the relationships forged at Wharton as a highly valued part of their experience here and one that continues to have benefits throughout their careers.

Read more about career development on the Wharton EMBA website.