First-year EMBA Classes Welcomed to Wharton

The University of Pennsylvania recently welcomed this year’s incoming EMBA classes to Wharton. Despite the tough economy, executive MBA programs remain valuable investments and Wharton is a top choice among applicants. Competition was strong for admission into our first-year classes!

The classes in both locations – San Francisco and Philadelphia – are impressive and diverse students. The 116 students in Philadelphia have an average of 10 years work experience in industries such as healthcare, financial services, energy, real estate, aerospace, and insurance. Others work for the military, the government, or nonprofits. More than 45% of the class holds an advanced degree and 55% are sponsored by their employer.

Nearly a quarter of the East Coast program class is comprised of women and about a third of the class is originally from outside the U.S. The group commutes every other weekend from locations as near as New Jersey and Washington, DC, and as far away as Florida, Texas, and Ontario.

The 96 first-year students at Wharton|San Francisco have an average of 11 years work experience and nearly half of the group holds advanced degrees. The students – of whom 20% are women — work in industries including semiconductors, biotech, venture capital, technology, and entertainment. Thirty-five percent are sponsored by their employer and 40% are originally from outside of the U.S.

The majority of the first-year students live in the Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Marin County. However, many commute to the program from locations in the East Bay and southern California as well as Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Kansas, Texas, Washington, and Colorado.

We’re looking forward to two great years with both groups!

For more detailed statistics about Wharton’s EMBA classes, go to: Class Profiles