First Year Students Vote on Electives

With over 200 Wharton electives offered in 11 disciplines, you may
wonder how MBA Exec students go about choosing just 8 to 10 credits for
their second year of study. The process is simple, democratic and done
under the guidance of Dr. Howie Kaufold, MBA Exec Program Director.

During early October lunch sessions in San Francisco and
Philadelphia, professors from all academic disciplines whet the
appetites of first year students with an overview of the most popular
electives chosen by Wharton MBA Exec students in recent years. Using
the Course Catalogue or online listings, students research all their
options and then submit a simple paper ballot ranking their top 8

All the elective votes are tabulated and a second round of voting
occurs in late October. Out of the top 50 classes, students vote to
choose the 25-30 electives which will be offered during their second
year in the program. In the end, students will have 2-3 choices per
class time slot. 

For more details, see Electives

With so many impressive options and so little time, this is why you
are strongly encouraged to explore what you want from the program
during the admissions process!