Supernova: Top Technology Conference Comes to Wharton West

Wharton West EMBA students are going to have access to some of the top business, government and technology thought leaders at the upcoming Supernova 2008 Conference to be held June 16-18 in San Francisco.

With the majority of events hosted at Wharton West this year, students who are in town will have an opportunity to hear speakers like Reed Hundt, former chairman of the FCC; Bob Iannucci, CTO of Nokia; Elizabeth Churchill, principal research scientist of Yahoo! Research; Gerald Lewis, chief privacy officer of Comcast; Ian Ferrell, director of Wireless Innovation and Startup Business Accelerator of Microsoft; and Charlene Li, vice president and principal analyst of Forrester Research. Wharton faculty participating in the event include Raffi Amit, Eric Clemons, Shawndra Hill, Karthik Hosanagar, Andrea Matwyshyn, Joel Waldfogel, and, of course, conference founder Kevin Werbach.

When asked on the conference Web site ( what inspired him to create this conference six years ago, Prof. Werbach paraphrased Bob Dylan, writing that “we all knew something was happening here, but we didn’t know what it was.” He explains his belief that “underneath all the changes – business becoming increasingly distributed, users becoming more knowledgeable, old industry models collapsing, and everything and everybody becoming networked – is one fundamental phenomenon: decentralization.” Werbach explains that his goal for the conference every year is to bring together leaders from different areas to understand how decentralization and pervasive connectivity are changing our world.

While the first day’s activities will be held at the Mission Bay Conference Center, the events on the following two days will occur exclusively at Wharton West.  Topics on those days will include: Brave New World of Entrepreneurship and Venture Finance: New Realities, New Choices; Privacy and Security in the Network Age; Going Green; Monetization for Today’s Internet, and Tomorrow’s; Who is Driving Marketing Innovation?; and Users in Charge: The Media Gets the Message.

Already, bloggers are quite active on the Supernova topic. The event Web site has links to many entries such as interviews with conference speakers, updates from Prof. Werbach, and thoughts on various conference topics. To see the full list, go to: