Wharton EMBA Entrepreneurs

Does the Wharton EMBA program accept entrepreneurs? The Admissions Committee gets this question regularly. The traditional line of thinking is that
executive MBA programs are designed for Fortune 500 managers who are being groomed
for the C-suite.

Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives does have many
well-known global organizations that sponsor students, but if you look closely at
the list of sponsoring organizations, you’ll notice that there are just as
many small- to medium-sized companies. There’s
a good chance that many of the companies whose names you don’t recognize were
started by students attending the program.

We recently heard from alumnus Nathaniel Wice, WG’05, who appeared
on CNBC’s “Power Lunch” in January to talk about his New York City startup
company miShare and its debut product, a patent-pending device that enables iPods to connect to
each other and share music, videos, and photos. Watch
the video
. In fact, Barron’s recently named miShare its
"Gadget of the Week" (April 14 issue, p. 38).

Great going Nathaniel! (And check back from time to time to learn about other Wharton MBA Executive
students or alumni who have taken the entrepreneurial path.)