Wharton EMBA Fellows Mean Business

While EMBA students at Wharton have an average of 10 years of work experience and most are over the age of 30, about 25% of the class is comprised of “Fellows” students who are less seasoned. But don’t let their experience level fool you – Fellows applicants are fast-tracked “rising stars” in their companies who can keep up with even the most experienced of their peers in an Executive MBA classroom.

Wharton EMBA Fellows applicants have less than eight years experience and are under 30 years old.  Fellows are nominated by their employers because of their outstanding promise for advancement in a managerial career. In other words, they are bright, motivated and on an swift, upward career path in their companies.

Fellows do have a slightly different application process from traditional candidates, but there is no distinction made after acceptance. They have the same requirements and curriculum as the rest of the class, but because the EMBA is part of their career development plan at their company, they are not eligible to participate in Wharton’s MBA Career Management interviewing services.

In order for a less experienced candidate to apply to the program as a Fellow, they need a letter of nomination from their employer explaining their managerial potential and confirming the organization’s commitment of full financial and program-related support. There are sometimes special circumstances where an exception to the full financial support rule may be made (i.e. company is not-for-profit), but if accepted into the program, that employee would still be considered a Fellows student.

Why are there so many rules about who is a Fellow? Wharton wants to make sure that those younger candidates can equally contribute to the EMBA classes and aren’t looking to earn the MBA just to change jobs. Less seasoned applicants without employer sponsorship should consider Wharton’s full-time program.

For more information about the Fellows designation, go to: http://www.wharton.upenn.edu/mbaexecutive/sponsorship/requirements/fellows.cfm