You’ve Submitted Your EMBA Application, Now What Happens?

We understand that you may be concerned about whether we’ve received all of your application materials. But you shouldn’t worry — we’ll contact you if you’re missing anything. Otherwise, you should assume that we have received your complete application.

Once you submit your application and credentials, your work is done and ours begins! When we get calls to confirm the arrival of credentials, it takes time away from actually processing them, and as you can imagine, the volume is high!  Hard copy materials take 3-5 weeks to process and then post on line. Again, if anything is missing, we will contact you personally.  The EMBA Admissions Committee will evaluate your application once all your credentials have been processed.

If you have not yet done so, please schedule an interview by calling us in San Francisco at 1-866-WHARTON or in Philadelphia at 1-215-898-5887. The interview cycle ends in early March.  Also, if you are taking the GMAT after the application deadline, please fax your unofficial results so we can expedite the evaluation process: 1-415-369-0598 (SF) or 1-215-898-2598 (Phila).  When completing your application, please put your test date and zeroes in the GMAT results fields.

Through this busy time, we remain happy to assist you with your application.  Your hard work is appreciated, and we take pride in providing each candidate with a careful and thoughtful evaluation.