Congratulations to Wharton Executive MBA Graduates ’13

It’s been an exciting and busy two years for our newest Wharton executive MBA graduates. During the program, the East Coast class of 2013 celebrated the birth of 14 babies, four weddings, and one engagement between two classmates who met at Wharton. In the West Coast EMBA graduating class, there were 19 babies born and two weddings.

In addition to those milestones, students juggled demanding jobs and family and community responsibilities with the challenges of school. The East Coast class of 117 students averaged 10 years of work experience in a wide array of industries including healthcare, consulting, financial services, technology, real estate, energy and insurance. Several worked for the government, the military and not-for-profit organizations. Within the class, nearly 35% came to Wharton holding advanced degrees. Most of the Philadelphia class commuted from the MidAtlantic and New England states, but others commuted from Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, North Caroline, Ohio, Texas and Toronto.

The Wharton | San Francisco class of 96 students brought an average of 11 years work experience to the program with nearly 50% holding advanced degrees. Students came to the program from a broad range of industries, such as healthcare, semiconductors, technology, consulting, entertainment, aerospace and venture capital. Like their East Coast class, several worked for the military, the government and not-for-profit groups. Most students commuted to campus from the Bay Area, however others commuted from southern California, Hawaii, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Washington.

Congratulations to our newest graduates! We wish them all the best and look forward to keeping in touch.

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