First Semester Reflections from EMBA Students

Wharton's new first-year EMBA students successfully survived their first of six terms of the program, including the first week-long class meeting known as "boot camp". Still, they tell us that the program is more than they expected – more relevant, more energizing, and more work! The following are a few testimonials: 

Mikhael Nassif, WG’09

"Although classes are very challenging and require extra effort, what I have found exceptional at Wharton is the caliber and diversity of my classmates. Every other week, I find myself looking forward to full-day classes, evening group meetings, and the occasional late nights, just to have to the opportunity to engage with my classmates. Our conversations are very stimulating and have expanded my understanding of other industries and the business world in general. You learn from your classmates just as much as you learn from your professors. Combined, this makes for an overwhelmingly satisfying experience that prepares you to face the complexities of today's business world."

Josh Alexander, WG’09
"Even the first few months of the Wharton EMBA program have changed my outlook on life.  Dr. MacDuffie's course (Management of People at Work) caused me to see reward structures in an entirely new light, while Dr. Crawford's class (Economics of Managerial Decision Making) ignited my thirst to quantify every decision I make.  And even though the phrase "deferred tax liabilities" still gives me the shudders, Dr. Lane's accounting class clearly explained why we need them. Apart from the interesting and challenging curriculum, the people truly make this program special.  I've met so many brilliant, sincere individuals, whom I have the privilege of calling classmates and friends. I mean, what MBA program would allow you to stand up in front of all of your peers in a leadership seminar and act like a ventriloquist's dummy? Only the best!"

Sumant Ramachandra, MD, PhD, WG’09
"It took some courage for me to consider going back to school, but I realized that I needed to enhance certain skill sets to continue excelling in my contributions as a pharmaceutical executive. The Wharton MBA for Executives was the perfect fit to get that education. My goal is to learn as much from my classmates as from my professors. With one semester done, I can say that the Wharton education is superb and my classmates are top-notch. My education is being applied to my work already. The Wharton MBA for Executives education has already brought new creativity to my contributions. With these quick returns on effort, I know I made the right choice."

Eric Freedman, WG’09
"It is difficult to cite a single component of the program – I had very high expectations coming into Wharton and they have been exceeded.  Two aspects of the program have stood out for me thus far: the relationships formed among students and the interaction between students and faculty.  The camaraderie between students has been consistent and noticeable, and as we strive to balance family, career, and school, it creates a strong bond. Diversity has an important role here, too. Cultural, professional, and geographic differences provide a tremendous basis for advanced understanding.  My learning team of seven people brings together distinctive nationalities and professional backgrounds, and the emphasis on group dynamics has been invaluable to each member. Without question, Wharton's world-leading faculty members make this institution special.  The faculty made it clear to us at program inception that we are here to both learn and teach, and oftentimes professors reach out to the class for "real world" perspective and application.  The faculty seem genuinely enthusiastic about our development as individuals and as a collective team, and their accessibility amidst hectic schedules has been appreciated."