New EMBA Students Complete “Boot Camp”

Congrats to the entering Wharton EMBA students for making it through Boot Camp, officially completing their first sessions as Wharton MBA students!

Getting back into the classroom and reestablishing study habits is a big task for Wharton EMBA students who have at least 10 years work experience.  To thrust them right back into the school groove, the program puts students through a week-long orientation – otherwise known as Boot Camp. While it’s a rite of passage, it’s also a great time to bond during a week of intense courses, workshops, and activities.

The East Coast students’ week began with an optional, but highly recommended Mathematics Workshop taught by Professor Jack Siler. For those who haven’t been crunching numbers for a living, this type of workshop is really valuable. The week continued with courses on other not-so-light topics such as Financial Accounting and Microeconomics. The students who waived out of Accounting attended classes on the Governmental and Legal Environment of Business.

In addition to courses, students also attended a session by EMBA’s Senior Advisor on Group Effectiveness, Dr. Peter Kuriloff, on “Community Building,” as well as sessions on financial aid, computing and library resources. The week ended with a very welcome happy hour to congratulate students on their successful completion of the week before they headed back home.

On the West Coast, the incoming students first participated in a full day of orientation where they met each other and the Wharton West administration team. Five days of classes followed where they also had an optional Mathematics Workshop as well as courses in Financial Accounting, Management of People at Work, and Managerial Economics. Students also attended Dr. Kuriloff’s community building session in addition to sessions on career management, computer resources and financial aid. They capped off the week with dinner at Gordon Biersch Restaurant and a champagne toast.

Best of luck to you all!