Executive MBA Academics

Leading from a foundation of rigorous thinking and collaboration is the hallmark of Wharton executive MBA academics.

When you learn from Wharton’s top faculty and diverse, experienced student body, you can make decisions based on current research, shared wisdom, and analytic reasoning. Build on your strengths and reach for your highest goals — lead with actionable knowledge and insights.


Relevant Knowledge

You study with faculty from among Wharton’s 225+ leading academic researchers, many of whom consult with industry on trending business topics and lead Wharton’s 20+ research centers and initiatives. Their broad expertise creates a range and depth of courses unsurpassed at any other business school, giving you more options to customize your intellectual experience.  More on Faculty Impact

Perspective and Rigor

Gain critical tools for changing times. You will understand how to manage for uncertainty using solid foundational and research-based business knowledge. You will learn to defend your strategy and decisions using a fact-based platform and analytical tools. Your experience is enriched by the perspectives of your colleagues who are grappling with the very issues being discussed.

Options and Flexibility

You and your classmates follow a core curriculum and then select from among 200+ electives, more than at any other business school. After mastering essential business knowledge and skills, you customize your learning to fit your specific interests, experience and career path.

Leadership Learning

You develop and strengthen your leadership skills at the very start through practice in our widely emulated leadership teams. Under the direction of one of the world’s foremost thinkers on leadership practice, we have created many opportunities for you to stretch yourself and find your own leadership style.

International Perspectives

Immersed in a global community at Wharton, you also have options to study international business issues on the ground in regions of particular interest. These experiences include the Global Modular Courses in cities around the world and a Global Consulting Practicum lasting 6 months with a team of MBAs from a partner institution abroad.