EMBA Stories: Admissions

Negotiations expert Wharton Prof. Peter Cappelli shares some tips about how to discuss this important topic with your employer.

How to Talk with Your Employer about the Time Commitment You’ll Need for Wharton’s EMBA Program

Five EMBA students and alumni share their experience with self-sponsorship in Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives and why it was worth the investment.

Why Self-Sponsoring in Wharton’s EMBA Program Is Worth It

Dr. Marie-Laure Romney, WG’18, is balancing Wharton’s challenging EMBA with her roles in emergency medicine and as a mom of three.

How This Doctor Took on Wharton’s Quantitative Curriculum and Grew Her Family at the Same Time

Denis Sullivan, WG’14, talks about how Wharton’s EMBA program helped him advance his career and shares his advice for incoming students.

Wharton San Francisco Alum Shares 4 Tips for New EMBA Students

How do you find the best fit when it comes to an executive MBA program? Wharton MBA Program for Executives student Jun Fan, WG’18, says there are many ways to learn more about programs, but the key is to give yourself plenty of time to look.

How to Decide If Wharton’s EMBA Program Is the Right Fit

Dr. Amir Moradi, WG’17, came to Wharton in San Francisco to further his plastic surgery practice, overcoming learning challenges and geopolitical conflict in his dauntless commitment to education.

Why This Iranian-born Plastic Surgeon Earned His MBA

“Learning about entrepreneurship is important whether I do that through devising a platform, a startup, or anything else that might help doctors and patients.”

How an L.A. Doctor Multiplies Impact With Media Exposure and Business Insights

That was a commonality I saw with myself and other classmates — we are all trying to solve complex problems and I could offer a different perspective to those problems.

Nuclear Engineer Shares Steps for Writing Admissions Essays

The essay questions help you reflect on where you are and where you want to go. They help you identify the reasons for coming to this program.

How a Physician Took a ‘Logical’ Approach to Application Essays and GMAT

“There are more than 80 veterans and active military members between the two Wharton MBA classes and they form the tight-knit Wharton Veterans Club — which provides a community of peers that are united by service and help each other through the journey into civilian life.”

How Wharton Helped This MBA Student Learn How to ‘Be a Veteran’