Wharton’s Global EMBA International Study Abroad Opportunities

3 Benefits of Taking a Global Modular Course

Wharton’s MBA students gain global perspectives and skills from their classmates, their classes, learning opportunities in the international business environment, and a curriculum that encourages cross-cultural collaboration and engagement. You will already be immersed in a global community at Wharton as nearly 40% of our students are from outside the U.S. each year.

EMBA Global Business Week

In the second year of our EMBA program, you’ll embark on a required week-long course in a country facing specific business challenges, with a choice of up to five different study destinations, mixing Philadelphia and San Francisco students. During this intensive week of corporate visits and lectures, you’ll also engage with senior management to discuss topics relevant to the region. Following the trip, you’ll have an opportunity to reflect on the insights gained from the experience and present your findings.The most recent class chose between trips to South Africa, Spain, Cuba, China and Southeast Asia.1

Global Modular Courses

This immersive elective is delivered as short, full-credit and half-credit courses in an intensive workshop format in a country relevant for the topic (e.g. health care and business in Ethiopia). Since 2012, Global Modular Courses (GMC) have been delivered in Brazil, China, India, Israel, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.2

1. Hotel costs and most meals are included for Global Business Week. Air fare, incidental travel costs, and hotel for additional travel days before or after Global Business Week are not included.

2. GMC courses are offered to EMBA students on a space-available basis when they do not conflict with the EMBA schedule. Tuition but not travel and housing costs are included with EMBA fees.