EMBA Career Management

Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives Career Management office helps you assess and plan your career while you are in the program and learn strategies and techniques that will allow you to effectively manage your career over your lifetime. Wharton MBAs are in high demand because they create immediate and sustainable value for corporate, nonprofit, and government organizations around the world.

EMBA Career Management Office

Wharton’s EMBA Career Management Office meets the needs of our students from across industries and roles, with the understanding that flexibility is critical as your career evolves. Some of the services the team provides include:

Career Advising
The WEMBA Career Management office helps MBA Executive students plan and manage their careers over a lifetime. Our methodology combines student partnership support in advising; resources; programming; and self-direction, towards crafting a long-term career plan. We provide:

  • Advising support in career assessment; mapping and planning; transition; advancement; and job search
  • Programming includes workshops; group advising; executive speakers; panels; and large-scale events
  • Outreach support navigating and cultivating a network and relationships among the Wharton alumni community and business leaders

Self Assessment
A crucial step in the career management process, self-assessment is the process through which individuals evaluate and reflect on their own skills, strengths, weaknesses, values, and career goals. This helps executives gain a deeper understanding of themselves and make informed decisions about their career paths. Self-assessment tools available to Wharton students include:

  • Calling & Mission
  • CareerLeader
  • StrengthsFinder

Personal Branding
Personal branding is a strategic approach to shaping how others perceive and remember an individual in a professional context. The Career Management office offers workshops, coaching sessions, and tools and resources to assist executives in developing and refining their personal brands, ultimately enhancing their visibility and impact in the professional world.

Networking Opportunities
Networking is a critical skill for executives, as it enables them to connect with peers, industry leaders, alumni, and other professionals, fostering collaborations, mentorship, and access to valuable resources. Some uniquely Wharton networking opportunities provided by the Career Management Office include: 

  • Alumni Career Fellow (ACF) Program
    The purpose of this program is to create opportunities for students to have meaningful one-on-one discussions about market trends and learn career best practices from an alumni expert in the industry.
  • CareerPath Connections
    Wharton’s CareerPath platform allows student-to-alumni as well as alumni-to-alumni career connections. Simple to use, it allows you to search and connect with an easy “Connect” button.
  • MyPenn
    MyPenn is a searchable alumni directory available to all University of Pennsylvania affiliated schools.
  • Wharton Executive MBA Alumni LinkedIn Group
    Wharton’s official Wharton Alumni LinkedIn Group is a dynamic way for students and alumni to stay in touch and network with classmates. We also offer multiple On-Demand Programs to help you develop an effective LinkedIn profile.
  • Wharton Global Clubs Directory
    Wharton offers more than 79 regional and affinity alumni clubs that you will have the opportunity to join after graduation. As a student, identify and connect with alumni networks around the world; recommended for regional job searches.

Career Data Interactives
Wharton Executive MBA Career Management offers a library of data visualization tools to support students’ career exploration process. Students have access to interactive charts which review offer data from recent years, based on student and alumni’s past work experience and where they received offers by industry, function, and geography.

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General Career Resources

During your two-year program, a variety of professional development programs will be available to you. Wharton’s EMBA Career Management office provides skill development, such as networking, social media, and industry and company research, as well as panel and speaker presentations covering various topics relevant to today’s marketplace and student interests. Our general coaching programming includes:

  • Webinar recordings and online career resources available on-demand
  • Compensation tools
  • Resume review
  • Interview preparation
  • Planning long-term career strategies
  • The Wharton Job Board
  • Job search action groups and resources

EMBA Career Management Team

Wharton’s Career Management office brings a wide range of experience that provides you with practical and actionable guidance, supporting each step of your career exploration, planning, transition, and job search.

  • Significant marketplace experience in career and executive coaching, human resources, and executive search, adding value to all facets of your career process.
  • Individualized career coaching support.
  • The latest knowledge on the marketplace and career management content.

Our team constantly seeks to enhance resources, responding to student feedback and industry changes.

Colleen France, Head of Career Management

Colleen brings more than 20 years’ experience in recruiting, coaching, career strategy, leadership assessment, training, and program management. Most recently, she was a Senior Associate Director and Career Advisor for Wharton’s full-time MBA Program with primary advising responsibilities for the real estate, travel and hospitality, and human capital industries, as well as general management and leadership development programs across industries.  Prior to that, Colleen served as the Director of Penn’s Carey JD/MBA Program, a cooperation between Wharton and Penn Law.  Prior to starting at Penn in 2010, she spent 10+ years in legal recruiting and professional development.

Colleen holds a BS in History & Political Science from Drexel University, has a Certificate in Human Resources Management from The Wharton School, and has completed numerous courses in executive coaching and leadership development in the Organizational Dynamics Program at The University of Pennsylvania.

Lifelong Learning

A Wharton MBA gives you tools you’ll use throughout your career. It also gives you a chance to continue to build your knowledge to meet the challenges you face later in your career. Wharton provides many opportunities to learn long after you finish your MBA. As an alum,  you will have access to career resources and services during career transitions and to support your long-term career goals, including: 

  • Alumni Career Management Website
  • Alumni Resume Book
  • Alumni Job Board
  • Career Advising

Knowledge for Life

All Wharton MBA alumni in the class of 2010 and all subsequent classes, beginning seven years after graduation, are eligible to take one Wharton Executive Education open enrollment course every seven years.

Continuing Education Resources

Wharton’s Lifelong Learning program provides a rich array of educational resources for all Wharton alumni throughout their professional lives, helping them continually gain knowledge in their selected professions and communities.

Wharton Around the World

Regional programming, including the Wharton Global Forums and Lifelong Learning events, bring alumni around the world together with Wharton faculty for educational presentations, learning opportunities, and networking.