How to Request a Sponsorship Letter

In addition to a letter of recommendation, the application to Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives requires a Sponsorship letter. This letter is from someone at your organization who has the authority to sign off on the time commitment involved in the program and indicates if you are receiving any financial support.

Here are the steps to request a Sponsorship letter from your employer:

  1. In the “Program Specific Information” section of the online application, enter the requested details about your sponsor. The questions include their name, job title, and address as well as the level of financial sponsorship they are providing, if any. 
  2. In the next section, called “Sponsorship Request,” fill out the request form. This triggers an email to your sponsor.
  3. Your sponsor will receive an email stating that it is a “Recommendation Request.” This wording is due to system limitations and may cause confusion. You can assure them that it is a sponsorship request, and the form includes a section to upload their Sponsorship letter.
  4. The Sponsorship letter should:
    • Acknowledge that the organization is aware of your interest in applying.
    • Provide assurance that you will be able to take the time away from work to attend classes and handle approximately 20-25 hours of study during the week.
    • Indicate the level of financial support the organization intends to provide. Financial support is not required for traditional candidates, but if candidates receive financial support, the letter of sponsorship should specify the amount.
  5. When your sponsor submits the form, we receive your Sponsorship letter through the portal.