WEMBA Alumna Reflects on Decision to Self-Sponsor

Marla Bleavins, WG'12

A lot of serious thought and financial preparation go into the decision to sponsor yourself in Wharton’s EMBA program. However, it often results in significant career impact for students who choose that path. Alumna Marla Bleavins, WG’12, is a good example. She was recently named deputy executive director and chiefRead More

Wharton EMBA Student Shares a Story of Reinvention

Mariam Umar

Mariam Umar, director of business operations and strategic planning at Synaptics in San Jose, came to Wharton to reinvent herself. She wanted to bridge the skills gap between her current position and corporate stewardship, and her goal was to develop her own framework for solving strategic problems of leading-edge technologyRead More

How to Request a Company Sponsorship Letter for Your EMBA

Adam Douberly, Prof. Peter Cappelli, and Diane Sharp Whether you are asking for full financial support or just time off to attend Wharton’s EMBA program every other Friday, it’s important to thoughtfully approach sponsorship with your employer. During a recent Webinar on the topic, Prof. Peter Cappelli, who teaches Negotiations, and East Coast second-year student Adam Douberly, whoRead More

Wharton San Francisco EMBA Student Shares Sponsorship Tips

Timothy van den Broek

Asking your organization for financial sponsorship to attend Wharton’s EMBA program isn’t always easy. After all, you’re not only seeking to have every other Friday off, but also a significant amount of resources. We asked Timothy van den Broek, a financially sponsored first-year Wharton San Francisco EMBA student, to tellRead More

Meet the Wharton EMBA Staff: Catherine Molony

Having worked at Wharton for over 25 years, Catherine Molony has seen a lot of changes in the EMBA program, which is now celebrating its 40th anniversary. We asked Cathy, who is the director of the MBA Program for Executives in Philadelphia and director of admissions for the MBA ProgramRead More

Negotiating Company Sponsorship for MBA Programs

Professor Peter Cappelli

Asking for employer sponsorship to an executive MBA program isn’t always easy to do. Many companies don’t have a formal tuition reimbursement program in place, or the policy is limited. During a recent online chat, Wharton Prof. Peter Cappelli, director of Wharton’s Center for Human Resources, shared a few tipsRead More

Self-Sponsored Doctor Uses Degree to Make Impact on Emergency Medicine

Wharton EMBA alumnus Dr. Craig Gronczewski, WG'11

When Dr. Craig Gronczewski applied to Wharton’s EMBA program, he was a clinical physician caring for patients in emergency departments. While seeing patients every day was fulfilling, he was becoming increasingly interested in working on the business side of healthcare. “Traditional physician training doesn’t prepare doctors to manage the businessRead More

Sponsorship Profile – Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E)

A civil engineer by training, Nichole Jordan wanted to gain more business knowledge in order to further her management career at Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).  However, with several promotions under her belt, she didn’t want to take two years off to pursue a full-time MBA — not toRead More

Wharton EMBA Alumna Talks about Value of Fellows Program

Even though Anastasia Pozdniakova wasn’t admitted the first time she applied to Wharton’s East Coast Executive MBA Program due to her of lack of work experience, she knew it would one day be the right program for her. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania as a Wharton undergraduate studentRead More