Wharton San Francisco Alumna Makes Leap to Launch Startup

Sally Huang, WG'15

Wharton EMBA alumna Sally Huang, WG’15, went from being an employee at Microsoft to full-time entrepreneur during her time at Wharton San Francisco. We asked Sally, the founder and CEO of Roominnate, which provides 3d visualization for the interior design and real estate space, to tell us more about thisRead More

EMBA Student Shares Tips for Having a Baby While in School

Garima Mathur and daughter

Executive MBA students have full plates with school, work and community commitments. The thought of having a baby in the middle of the program can be downright daunting. However, second-year Philadelphia student Garima Mathur, who had her first child last fall, says it’s not as scary as she expected. InRead More

Wharton EMBA Program is “Transformational Experience”

Jessica Ross Jessica Ross, WG'15 Jessica Ross, managing director of cost transformation at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals in Oakland, CA, came to Wharton San Francisco focused on how an MBA would strategically help her move up the corporate ladder. However, she found her experience at Wharton San Francisco to beRead More

Vice Dean Lane on Women in Wharton’s EMBA Program

Deciding to apply to Wharton’s executive MBA program is a big decision for everyone, but there are often some special considerations for female applicants. How will she juggle work, kids and school? Does being a student mean putting off having kids? Will there be many other women in the program?Read More

Monisha Sharma on Reasons to Come to Wharton’s EMBA Program

Wharton Executive MBA Student Monisha Sharma, WG'15

Monisha Sharma came to Wharton to learn how to lead businesses into change. As a senior manager of mutual funds strategy at the Royal Bank of Canada in Toronto, we asked Monisha to tell us more about her career goals and experiences in Wharton’s executive MBA program. Here’s what sheRead More

Monique Rollins on Life as a Wharton EMBA Student

Monique Rollins, WG'15

After graduating from college, Monique Rollins spent 10 years working in the field of investment banking, helping corporations think about capital structure and strategies for raising capital. When the financial crisis hit, she says it was a defining moment in her career. She began thinking about ways to make aRead More

Alumna Marla Bleavins Shares Perspective on Diversity

Marla Bleavins, WG'12

On Jan. 15, we’ll be hosting a special Diversity Night in Los Angeles where a panel of students and alumni will speak candidly about their experiences at Wharton. We asked alumna Marla Bleavins, WG’12, assistant general manager of the Convention and Tourism Development Department for the City of Los Angeles,Read More

Wharton Women Perspectives: Admissions Webinar

Wharton Women Webinar, November 6, 2014

Most of the issues facing Wharton EMBA students are the same for both men and women. Those specific to women were discussed during our recent Women’s Webinar with alumna Caroline Wyspianski, WG’14, vice president of Glenmede Trust Co., and current second-year student Christine Johnson, global digital marketing leader at DuPont. Here’s an edited transcriptRead More

Jessica Ross Shares Her Wharton Diversity Story

Jessica Ross, WG'15, shares her Wharton diversity story

Second-year EMBA student Jessica Ross, managing director of cost transformation at Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals in Oakland, CA, is looking forward to our inaugural Diversity Night at Wharton San Francisco on Nov. 20. In addition to serving as a panelist with other students and alumni, she says she’sRead More

Six Lessons from an EMBA Journey

Kristal Dehnad juggled a lot during her time at WhartonSan Francisco. In addition to being promoted from director of charitable trusts to managing director of partner relations and programs at Stanford University, she also co-chaired Wharton’s Social Impact Conference and took a Global Modular Course on Conflict, Leadership and Change in Rwanda.Read More

Wharton San Francisco EMBA Students Bond During Orientation Week

The first week of Wharton’s EMBA program is always an exciting time for students. In addition to orientation and classes, they also participate in teambuilding activities to get to know each other. Having recently attended her first week at Wharton | San Francisco, we asked Ammi Tan, a project managerRead More