Diversity and Inclusion at Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives

Your experience matters in Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives, where students learn as much from our faculty as they do from each other. Diversity brings together different identities, perspectives, viewpoints, influences, and values, which add significantly to the richness of the program and the learning for everyone.

Our Commitment to Recruiting

While the program is exceptionally diverse in terms of professional and geographic backgrounds, the EMBA program and the University are committed to increasing the recruitment of talented women as well as Black, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ applicants to our cohorts. We strive to create an atmosphere where the entire Wharton community is empowered to do their best work, to bring their authentic selves to their efforts both locally and globally, and to make a lasting positive impact in the world.

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The Power of Diversity In Wharton’s Global Cohort

Hear members of the Global cohort speak first-hand on the benefits of learning in an intellectually stimulating and diverse classroom environment. 

Andrew Jean-Louis, WG’20

“It can be a bit scary to feel like you are the representative of a particular race or background, but the class was more diverse than expected. The EMBA staff does a great job of making everyone feel included and welcomed.”

Trené Hawkins, WG’20

“The EMBA program is comprised of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, and professional experiences, which creates areas of similarity and difference. Both are invaluable to our experiences and learning here.”

Marlene Avitia, WG’20

“Wharton embraces inclusivity and creates a melting pot of people in the EMBA cohorts.”

Angel Saad Gómez, WG’18

“Your classmates provide a window into a world that you were probably never aware of before, and one that would have been hard to learn about without this program.”

Edward Wilson, WG’21

“When I arrived on campus, I felt welcome. This is a very open and inclusive environment.”

Christina Ho, WG’20

“The environment reflects the type of people who are admitted. They are open, curious, and want to find similarities with each other and understand our differences.”