EMBA Impact

Pooja Bansal, WG’20

Wharton Campus: Philadelphia

See how Pooja’s career changed with an executive MBA from Wharton.


Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources and Communication at New Day USA


Senior Manager of Banking Operations Transformation at PwC

Based In

Fulton, MD

Prior Education

Kurukshetra University, Bachelor’s of Information Technology

Before Wharton

Pooja was working in IT, but came to Wharton because she was interested in transitioning into a broader business role. “I came to Wharton because I wanted to make a significant impact in a big organization, where my decisions would influence a large number of people at every level. I wanted to build a leadership bench across an organization,” she said.

At Wharton 

Career Coaching

Pooja worked with the EMBA Program’s Career Services team, who helped her think bigger about her job search, and be more strategic about networking. They reviewed her resume, highlighted gaps in her portfolio, and conducted mock interviews.

Structured Job Search

Pooja took advantage of the professional network of her fellow classmates and of Wharton’s alumni network. She joined a Job Search Action Group made up of students who were actively looking for a new job, which gave her a structured approach to her search.

Students cheering under Wharton signage

Finding Opportunities Through Classmates

Pooja reached out to Wharton’s extensive alumni network in search for her next job opportunity. She found her new position through a classmate, Michael “Mo” Oursler, WG’20, COO of New Day USA, where she transitioned into a leadership position in human resources.

After Wharton

Following graduation, Pooja successfully transitioned into a new role as Senior Vice President, Head of Human Resources and Communication at New Day USA, and now works as a Senior Manager of Banking Operations Transformation at PwC.

Pooja poses for a photo with Michael “Mo” Oursler, a fellow Wharton alum, who helped her transition into a role at New Day USA.

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