EMBA Stories: Veterans & Military

Ron LaSalvia, WG’08, made the transition from submarine commander to executive with the Wharton MBA Program for Executives.

A Former Submarine Commander on 4 Ways Wharton Helps Military Students Transition to the Private Sector

“We were willing to go abroad and fight for American values, but now that we are home, we want to continue protecting those values.”

How a Former Marine Took on a Finance Role at The Washington Post and a Volunteer Role in Refugee Resettlement

Many of us have been in dicey situations and know that a good plan now is better than a perfect plan next week. We can jump into messy situations, take command, and get people pointed in the right direction.

How This Former Pilot Applies His Military Experience to the Business World

“There are more than 80 veterans and active military members between the two Wharton MBA classes and they form the tight-knit Wharton Veterans Club — which provides a community of peers that are united by service and help each other through the journey into civilian life.”

How Wharton Helped This MBA Student Learn How to ‘Be a Veteran’

Student Combines Real Estate, Military, and Business Experiences in African Venture

You quickly realize that this is not a competitive environment. You are all making great sacrifices to be in this program and you stand to gain a lot more by being a team player.

Intelligence Analyst Says an MBA Increasingly Important in Public Sector

“Be thoughtful about what you want to do and think about your passions and what gets you excited. People are looking for something that is transferable — passion, excitement and relevant skills for that organization are critical.”

Two Students Share Their Experience Changing Careers during Wharton’s EMBA Program

When I applied to Wharton, I was concerned that my background in the Navy and DHL might not be a good fit. I was very wrong

EMBA Student Veteran Builds Synergies

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