Wharton Stories: Sponsorship

As gender differences in negotiation strategies narrow, Wharton Prof. Peter Cappelli advises women to rely on data to combat bias and persuasion to maintain strong business relationships.

Wharton Prof. Peter Cappelli on the Best Negotiations Strategies for Women Now

Adam Beauregard is using his MBA education to further his Navy career, while benefiting from several programs that helped him pay for his degree.

Four Ways This Navy Officer Is Expanding His Perspective and Prospects in Wharton’s EMBA Program

Negotiations expert Wharton Prof. Peter Cappelli shares some tips about how to discuss this important topic with your employer.

How to Talk with Your Employer about the Time Commitment You’ll Need for Wharton’s EMBA Program

Gleb Chuvpilo, WG’17, realized that he needed more than entrepreneurial passion and engineering background to start an emerging fund — he needed business knowledge. So he came to Wharton and the MBA Program for Executives.

A Passion for Startups Led This EMBA Grad to Venture Capital

I wasn’t nervous about making the decision to self-sponsor; I saw it as an absolutely worthwhile investment in myself.

Former CFO of Louisiana Makes Public/Private Crossover After Self-Sponsorship

Clients need legal advice that is informed by an understanding of business. It’s important to give advice based on the law, but to be effective, it is also necessary to help clients identify ways to quantify and mitigate risk.

From Attorney to Judge: Business Knowledge Enhances EMBA Alum’s Perspective in the Courtroom

How a San Francisco EMBA Student’s Nonprofit Work Is Expanding Access to College Education

You choose this program not only for its brand, alumni network, and academic excellence, but also for the relationships you build.

From Learning Teams to Diversity: Philadelphia Student Reflects on Student Experience

There is no doubt you have to perform at work, especially when your company is sponsoring you.

How I Earned Sponsorship and Reinvented Myself at Wharton

It’s typical for employers to think about sponsorship as something they are giving you as a benefit or perk. But you want them to see it as an investment they are making in the company, which plays out through you.

Tips on Negotiating for Employer Sponsorship