Grad School Tips: Student Work Life Balance

The Wharton MBA Program for Executives is demanding, personally and professionally, and but you can do it with the help of a strong support network and the services we provide at Wharton.

Unique Format for Work-Life Balance

Our program’s unique residency requirement creates a focused living-and-learning environment on program weekends. We take care of the logistical details so that your attention is on your studies. Then when you’re home, you can concentrate on work and family.

Support for Students

Each class has a dedicated Class Manager who takes care of the program particulars, while also anticipating the challenges you will face. Recognizing the special constraints on your time while in the program, your Class Manager will:

  • Distribute all program materials, including course packs, textbooks and e-books
  • Manage billing and process your tuition payments
  • Act as a liaison between students and faculty
  • Coordinate arrangements for the second-year international trip
  • Create the master schedule for each semester
  • Act as your registrar, enrolling you in your courses for each term
  • Arrange on-campus accommodations and meals
  • Provide moral support as you make your way through the program

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Continue Your Life

Picnics with jugglers and face painters, baseball games, ice skating, dining at area restaurants, bowling nights, cruises, trips to the aquarium…While you won’t find these listed on the academic calendar, these special events provide the partners and families of students with opportunities to become more familiar with the EMBA program.

Visiting campus for an afternoon or evening gives your partners and families a better understanding of where and how you’re spending every other weekend. Some special programs are planned for the whole family; others offer the chance to spend time with a partner, spouse, or close friend. Spouses and families can also make arrangements to stay with students on regular program nights.

In addition to planning the programs for partners and families, the staff provide support for a wide range of work and family issues. They get to know students and their families personally, becoming an integral part of your Wharton community.

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Advance Your Career

When you’re at a Wharton EMBA weekend, your mind is opened to possibilities. When you’re back on the job, you can act on them.

The Wharton EMBA can help you move your career to the next level – both after you graduate, and during your degree as you learn and apply what you know in real time. The classroom interchange with faculty and accomplished classmates from other functional areas gives insight to take back to your job, while the Wharton alumni network provides resources and connections to help you move forward.

In addition, the MBA Program for Executives has its own Executive Career Coaching, led by two Directors (one each in Philadelphia and San Francisco), who provide customized career programming to our students.

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