EMBA Impact

Yupeng Liu, WG’20

Wharton Campus: Philadelphia

See how Yupeng’s career changed with an executive MBA from Wharton.


Trading Manager and Assistant Commodity Trader at Export Packers Co. Ltd.


Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Just Quality International Inc.

Based In

Toronto, Canada

Prior Education

University of Toronto, Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting

Before Wharton

Yupeng began his career in the food industry. While he was passionate about the industry, he had reached a plateau and sought new challenges, and so he decided to launch his own food business called Just Quality International. As an entrepreneur, he wanted an EMBA program to better understand all aspects of business, and to learn frameworks to make better decisions.

At Wharton

Access to Faculty

He took Prof. Americus Reed’s consumer behavior class. Prof. Reed encouraged Yupeng to always be collecting data or “ABCD.” Yupeng said he thinks about this concept all the time as he’s using data to make better business decisions.

International Learning

Yupeng took advantage of the many global learning opportunities with the Wharton EMBA program. He took a Global Modular Course in India and Ethiopia, travelled to Sweden and Norway for Global Business Week, and served as a teaching assistant for a course on marketing to the Chinese consumer in Shanghai. He also did an independent study project with two other EMBA students on the Chinese retail industry, which provided the opportunity for the students to go to China.

After Wharton

Reflecting on his time at Wharton, Yupeng said, “As an entrepreneur, you don’t know what you don’t know. I thought I knew everything about supply chains, but I sat through operations classes and thought, ‘Wow! I didn’t know that.’ This program is adding a lot of value for me and my company.”

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