Developing Leadership and Management Skills

Effective leaders never stop learning and challenging themselves. By constantly improving their leadership skills, they differentiate themselves in their organizations and are able to take on greater responsibility. They stand out not only for their commitment to self-improvement, but also for their improved leadership capabilities.

How to Develop Strong Leadership Skills

Everyone can learn to become a better leader. It takes time and effort — and the willingness to continue learning. Here are six steps to improve your leadership skills:

Never Stop Learning

Take classes, read articles, and attend workshops on leadership. Learn the theory before you put it into practice.

Ask Questions

Talk to successful leaders about their experiences. Ask what has worked for them and, just as importantly, what hasn’t worked.

Identify your Leadership Style

Think about your own leadership style and what strengths you bring to the table as well as your weaknesses. Ask others who work with you for feedback. What are you good at? What can you improve? 

Improve Communication Skills

Effective leaders know how to communicate. It’s important to brush up on your communication, negotiation, conflict resolution, and persuasion skills. 

Build Up Your Team

Knowing how to build a team is an important part of leadership. Strong leaders know the importance of delegation, which means understanding the strengths and weaknesses of team members as well as their own blind spots. They are willing to learn from others and appreciate the importance of diverse teams. 


The best way to improve leadership skills is to practice them. Be proactive about seeking new projects and responsibilities. Your new capabilities often lead to more impactful roles in your organization.

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Leadership at Wharton

In Wharton’s MBA Program for Executives, you won’t just learn about leadership, you’ll learn how to be a better leader. Strong leaders develop their skills by constantly learning and challenging themselves. Wharton’s EMBA program is designed for students to apply what they learn in class immediately to their jobs. When they return to campus, they share what worked — and what didn’t — enriching the learning experience for everyone. Throughout the program, students improve their confidence, creativity, and decision-making capabilities. They graduate ready to lead teams anywhere in the world.

Learning about Leadership

Wharton EMBA students learn these strategies and frameworks in core first-year courses such as Foundations of Teamwork and Leadership, Management Communication, and Responsibility in Global Management. In their second year, students can further improve their leadership skills with electives. EMBA students who want to dive deeper into this topic can also participate in:

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