Six Tips to Help Improve Your GMAT, GRE and EA Quant Score

Standardized tests are used by many rigorous EMBA programs as barometers for how well students will do their program. While all parts of the tests are important, quantitative scores are particularly useful diagnostic tools in programs that emphasize quantitative subjects and data analysis. Following are tips to help you improve your quant score.

1. Master the Basics

Standardized tests evaluate your knowledge of high school level math. While you don’t need to learn exceedingly advanced concepts, you may need to brush up on your calculus skills, especially if you don’t use that kind of math in your job. This may mean taking a refresher class, signing up for an online course, hiring a tutor, or self study.

2. Know The Types of Questions

Know what types of questions to expect on the tests. For example, the GMAT generally asks two types of math questions. The first tests how you apply knowledge of basic math concepts related to data sufficiency. Do you have sufficient information to solve the problem? 

The other types of questions are focused on problem solving. Can you determine the answer to different types of math problems? By understanding how these types of problems are formatted, you can more quickly find the appropriate answer and save time during the test.

3. Read Questions Carefully and Use Logic

Before you begin to answer a question, make sure you carefully read the full question. Look for critical pieces of information to avoid falling into traps set by the test makers. Use logic before resorting to math, especially on hard questions. You may be able to rule out some of the possible answers and increase your likelihood of correctly solving the question.

4. Only Use What You Know

No matter how hard a question first appears, you have all the information necessary to find the answer. Try breaking the question into smaller pieces to work through it more efficiently.

5. Hone Your Skills With Practice Tests

One of the best ways to improve your quant score is to take practice tests. This will help you become familiar with the types of questions to expect, practice doing math under time pressure, and better understand the math concepts. If you have areas of weakness, make sure to practice those types of problems as much as possible.

6. Get Advice From EMBA Students on How to Ace the Math Section

Ask current students and alumni which test they took and how they studied. How many weeks did they prepare? How did they carve out time during the day or night to study? Did they take a class, hire a tutor, or self study? Find people in your network and ask their secrets to success.

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